Officina Projects

TRE60Arti is a project for the study of contemporary artistic languages with a focus on performing arts.
It is a container of meetings.

It is a structured environment in which different artistic specificities relate and interact with eachother.
The main objective of the project is to network people with different specificities in the performing arts and wish to deepen their practice, enriching it through sharing and discussion.

TRE60Arti is made up of different flexible modules (Building sites) ranging from the deepening of the vision to theoretical and practival work, with some internationally recongnised artists.

The choice of the artists invited for the practical Building sites, as the choice of the viewers fot the viewing sessions, favours unconventional proposals, which can contribute to give a broad and diversified idea of the performing arts, and to relate with some of the most contemporary theatre artforms.

TRE60Arti is a very flexble project, allowing interested people to follow one or more modules – Building sites, it is – based on each participant’s specific interests and competences: it is therefore possible to follow the entire process, along the whole theatre season, or to follow only some modules.