Contemporay Wunderkammer 

Contemporary Wunderkammer is a project site specific that can be declined according to the needs of the committenza.

Wunderkammer, in Italian room of the wonders or cabinet of curiosities or the wonders, is an expression used to indicated particular environments in which, from the XVI century to the XVIII century the collectors were usual to preserve harvests of extraordinary objects for their intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics.

This way Contemporay Wunderkammer, through a work of research and audio interviews will collect testimonies, related to the themes, directly in situ (in the various territories venues of the places of reception of events) to create a complex exhibition project where memories, memoirs and suggestions will take form of objects with a strong symbolic and metaphysical value.

Contemporay wunderkammmer will present as an exposure in plexiglass tech e or exhibition showcases style nineteenth-century in wood that who can go on tour in different places interested.

The showcases will be associated with audio wifi, a kind of audio-guide to the objects result of a suggestive montage of interviews realized.
It is suitable for indooor spaces and is presented as museum installation with access audio-guide access in headphones.

creation Officina Orsi
concept and creating objects Rubidori Manshaf