ON THE HUMAN FEELING (Chap.4) “Desideria-Disigìu”

On the Human feeling (Chap.4)
A single book for different chapters

“Desideria- Disigìu” is about us and the energy needed for the occurrence. The desire has nothing to do with contemplation, but with action, it becomes ‘soul motto’ associated with the courage to face the challenge to get to realisation. The stars, as a metaphor for orientation, track. The new routes choices. The journey to the achievement of one’s own ambitions is a return trip.
A risk to take if we want the desire to be fulfilled.

Daily, if we wish, we create the ritual. It is an installation built from an action of the artist on an encyclopedic collection of wishes and testimonies from Sant’Elia district.
Collection filmed and / or recorded, that will create a “map of the desired” and the courage to express it in a condition where even the wish seems a luxury.
A ‘door to door’ collection in a ‘personal’ relationship with the locals.and people of the whole city.

Sant’Elia out of Sant’Elia that testifies to the strength and hope inherent in desire.
A dialogue that unifies and makes all equal, made of looks and breaths; a proximity between inhabitants of the same city who are unable to communicate except through words filtered by others.

The collection of audio and projected video on historic buildings of Cagliari, away from Sant’Elia, will communicate the wishes of the inhabitants, to find a communion with other places and understand equality or diversity. Desires of work, health, love, shelter, money, objects, desiring the return of a loved one, etc.

The value of desire and expectation, because the real satisfaction lies not in reaching the object of desire, but in the desire itself: in that infinite, excruciating time spent in the pursuit of happiness.

Disìgiu and the sky
The desire to heaven: the man-root connection and the aerial force that leads thought/action elsewhere.
At the end of the days of installation wishes collected in the video / audio you will be gathered in a collective performance: the celebration of the rite of desire, where writings of participants and spectators will be placed in biodegradable balloons and will be left to the sky.
In other places, they will be collected and who will read the message will be invited to communicate with us and to connect with the universal search for happiness.

creation: Officina Orsi
concept and direction: Rubidori Manshaft
collaboration in the project: Paola Tripoli
texts: Roberta Dori Puddu
editing video: Rubidori Manshaft
props: Officina Orsi CH
co-productions: Carovana SMI. Un progetto come la Rete Finestate Festival
with the support of: Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council – City of Lugano – Hernst Göhner Stiftung