On the Human feeling
A unique book for more chapters
To get any truth about me, you have to acquire it from the other. The other is essential to my existence as well as to the knowledge that I have of myself. (Jean-Paul Sartre)
It is necessary to recreate the past through the memory hoping to be enough impartial
to shake it off. (Louise Bourgeois)

On the Human feeling investigates the space where the theatre becomes collective laboratory, microcosm of our society, the place for public debate with itself as a collective. On the Human feeling is an exploration of the soul that this time we decided to split into chapters, which deepen throughout their evolution. The theme arises from the need to query/question the citizenship/community..
The chapters
The different chapters come from, as many chapters as many will be clients and willingness of the latter to talk to their citizens, the residents of each neighbourhood, communities, etc. analysing the individual feel through sharing with the community and the territory.

The city that joins the project, becomes the set of a memory ready to re-write itself through the stories of the local participant characters.

Some oh these chapters already made, and some the other chapters being defined (in the various cities that have demonstrated active interest in the project and which are among the co-producers)

– On the Human feeling_ Souvenir of…Memory of…
– On the Human feeling_Desires
– On the Human feeling_Handle me with care
– On the Humann feeling_ I put your shoes

– On the Human feeling_The nearly suitable ones, the nearly right ones
– On the Human feeling_Money, money, money
– On the HumanN feeling_When I died I was being born

The space
In relation to the theme the space can be different.
Place closed or open. In the case of an open space, will be a public place recognized as a meeting place (the square, the centre etc.), where many people pass by, will be identified based on the selected theme. A wall (of a building) will be identified to project the video-collection. The stalls will be set up with chairs as in a sort of large outdoor cinema. A place that welcomes a continuous stream of passers-by, who can then view the images, but without headphones will not have access to audio. The audio is available through the wireless headphones that will be delivered to those who choose to participate and to all who request it.
With the projection it is possible to provide a display, a kind of wunderkammer or room of wonders with display cases where objects will be shown, specifically designed, with a distinctly symbolic flavour supported by a kind of audio-guide which tells the meaning of that object, and the associated memory. Access to the exhibition is not necessarily subject to screening and can be visited independently.

creation: Officina Orsi  
direction and concept
: Rubidori Manshaft, Paola Tripoli
production: Officina Orsi, Città di Lugano, Pro Helvetia swiss cultural foundation
production Chap.3 Teatro i/co-production: Fit Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della scena contemporanea (Lugano)
co-production: LuganoinScena (Lugano) , FIT Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della scena contemporanea (Lugano)
co-production Chap.2 : Fondazione La Residenza Casa Svizzera, Malnate
co-production Chap.4 Carovana SMI – Festival Approdi (Cagliari)
chap. 1 with  collaboration  REC – Lugano
supported by: Pro Helvetia/ swiss cultural foundation, Ernst Göhner Stiftung/ LongLake Festival-Lugano