12words_7regrets, speaks about us, about the experiences, about the repeating cycle, about the recognition, about love, humiliation, the word liquidity, the futility of the word, the ease / banality of life, about the wonder, the replication, about our lives in the lives of others.


More than a show, it is an unsettling, and sometimes hilarious, social experiment. This, in a nutshell, is 12words_7regrets, a traveling theatre installation for 16 spectators and 16 headphones.

What every viewer / listener can do equipped with an iPod and headphones is a “journey” across four open-air seats, following a map that will be delivered at the beginning.
An experiment that Rubidori Manshaft developed in two years of peregrination across different cities and places all over Italy and the Italian Switzerland.
What she collected are excerpts of dialogues between mere mortals, like us. About 2500 hours of recordings stolen, pilfered, unbeknownst to unsuspecting players.
She wanted to give meaning to her habit developed during solo travels: the observation of life and attention to the lives of others, stories of table neighbours at the bar, parks, beaches, restaurants, bus, tram, rwaiting rooms, airports, taxis etc., Recordings which have been excerpted in a montage that led, afterwards, to the choice of the themes. Four themes: LOVE, DEATH, SEX, MONEY. “I let myself be surprised – says Rubidori -. I had no idea what could happen. I listened, because listening is one of the daily human living practices that we have forgotten, too busy in a technological soliloquy. I did not choose the themes to work on, the themes have emerged forcefully. That’s what people are talking about, these are the topics we all talk about.” In the tracks, fragments of dialogues, observations, outbursts, confessions, emotions, betrayals. “I recorded, stories, thoughts, loves, emotions, illusions, deceptions, erotic fantasies, sorrows, regrets, words – says Rubidori – Met, sometimes the unknown. Recorded, but not interviewed. All this I share with you.” What you will live is an intimate yet shared experience, in six steps, in an open-air route, as real “listening voyeurs” on a journey, the one of every viewer, between beauty and cynicism, between red-light sex and sweet love.
The work was created as a site-specific research, and thanks to this it lives from time to time, always communicating with different spaces and situations.
The comparison with a place outside the city (parks, beaches) multiplies the stimulus to which the viewer/participant undergoes, living an amplified experience.

16 viewers every 90 minutes

Departure from (TBD) 16 viewers at a time
– Collective video screening: duration 7 minutes
– Itinerant path across 4 open-air stations- Viewers/listeners will be divided into four groups of four people and accompanied to the first position by an assistant.
Provided with a map, they will walk the entire path and listen to the four tracks on the themes: love/death/sex/money in four different locations.
Itinerary duration: 10 minutes for each track. Total 40 minutes
– At the end of the 40 minutes the four groups will come together in a place set up with 4 screens and 16 headphones.
Here they will be asked to choose the final video and a final track between the four possible.
To close the loop, the artist will return something to each viewer (after having stolen the experience of many)
Each viewer will walk away with a magnetic support with the same track/final video he or she just saw on the screen, or a different track on another topic.
On their own, at home a ‘THE END’ with the screening and the final headphone listening

direction and concept Rubidori Manshaft
texts usb key Roberta Dori Puddu
actors voices usb key Daria Deflorian, Monica Piseddu, Cinzia Morandi
young actors voices usb key Yuri Tre Re, JessicaYi Yi, Matteo Panizza, Arianna Panizza
artistic collaboration Paola Tripoli
video post-production Luciano La Rotonda
audio editing Filippo Bubbico
production OfficinaOrsi (CH)
co-production FIT Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della scena contemporanea, Lugano / Festival Benevento Città Spettacolo /
in collaboration with Assessorato allo Spettacolo, Comune di Lecce
supported by Ernst Göhner Stiftung/ LongLake Festiva l- Lugano
supported by PRO HELVETIA