With NO Fear (provisory title)

On the Human feeling (Chap.1)
A single book for different chapters
“Souvenir from Lugano. Memory of Lugano”

It is neccessary to recreate the past through the memory in the hope to be objective enough to afterwards shake it off. (Louise Bourgeois)

The cities taking part in the project, will become the set of a memory ready to re-write itself through the stories of the participating citizens.

Souvenir from Lugano. Memory of Lugano is the sixth chapter (dedicated to Chiasso) unravels the desire to be part of the community, to be recognised, taking group membership through the tales’ empathy. It is not just a philosophical issue, but it leads to the theme of memory, the human pleasure not to be forgotten, the search for an eternity.

Chiasso through the memories of those who live there, of those who live or who we just passed. A reconstruction of the city through the memories of the people. A mapping of Lugano through feelings. A narrative to find and regain a part of themselves and of the city of Chiasso through the memories and the eyes of others.
Of those who have seen Lugano change and transform, a memory not to forget, a new way to recreate the community “inhabiting” the memories of others and making them their own memories.

Souvenir of  Lugano. Memory of Lugano to tell who was there and who was not. To rebuild a personal journey through the collective memory.

An invitation to share. By joining the community, through the “life stories”, sometimes vaguely nostalgic, other times surreal or cynical, the story is replicated and perpetuated. The fragments help us to reconstruct, as if it was a great drawing where to connect the dots, our personal history and a collective narrative of the experiences shared by the human in relation to the city, where this life has moved and moves, passes, is born and dies and remains in the exhibits we preserve and details we remember and we share here.

Reconnecting with the past. Recovering stories and memories – false memories and – linked to sounds, images, smells that we have stored, that make us reconstruct a personal narrative of the experiences and the city, where life moves, passes, is born and dies.

Souvenir from… Memory of… stems, with autobiographical references, from the arrhythmic path. A fragmented path, made of artefacts and souvenirs, fetishes, dreams, detached pieces of personal history and the history of others in order to reconstruct a hypothetical harmonious family unit.

We are what we remember of having been, we are the consistency and the relationship of our memories with the places, memory as fragile good, perishable. Remembering the ‘dead’ yet speaks, in memory there is eternity, the presence. Forgetting is an attack on the roots, on the identity, it affect the sense of community, the ability to make history.

The memory becomes resistance, it cures the censorship of the death.

creation Officina Orsi
concept and direction Rubidori Manshaft
artistic collaboration Paola Tripoli
witnesses green screen videos Fabio Cinicola
video editing Rubidori Manshaft
texts Roberta Puddu
graphics Fabrizio Montini
production: Officina Orsi(Frequenze- Comune di Chiasso