ON THE HUMAN FEELING (Chap.7 ) “Souvenir of Varese. Memory of Varese”

On the Human feeling (Chap.7 ) 
A video project between nature and words on the border/
An experience of memory.
A single book for different chapters
“Souvenir of Varese. Memory of Varese”

It is neccessary to recreate the past through the memory in the hope to be objective enough to afterwards shake it off. (Louise Bourgeois)

Forty people interviewed. Men, women, children, from 2 to 94 years. Forty testimonies, forty stories, forty stories. Forty visions of Varese and the border with Switzerland, each of which has become part of a prism through which to look and recognize the city and the border.

With this seventh chapter, Varese and the territory of border is added to the places that have chosen to join the project “Su l’Umano sentire”, becoming the set of a memory ready to re-write through the voices of citizens.

Chapter 7 is therefore a mapping made by the emotional memories and feelings of people, in the idea that each of us has many stories to tell and that the memory itself is an arrhythmic path, which accumulates, forgets, reconstructs. Sometimes with aseptic clarity, sometimes with the “color” of the invention.

Thanks to the testimonies collected, in fact, we have outlined and created one of our Varese: a poetic and imaginative landscape that have been the same interviewees to suggest us

A powerful nature – human, urban and emotional – that is the true protagonist of our story: a suspended, floating, non-chronological vision that winds through past, present and future.

People make history. People make places. People make a collective memory.

Memory is a fragile and precious commodity.
We are what we remember having been, the coherence and the relationship of our memories with the places. Forgetting would be an attack on roots, identity, the sense of community and would undermine our ability to make history.

The Chapter 7  is an invitation to share, to be part of a community listening to those “life stories” – sometimes with a vaguely nostalgic flavor, others surreal or cynical – through which history repeats itself and is perpetuated.

The fragments help to rebuild. We move between them as if they were scattered dots that, once united, will build a great design.

Personal stories that bind to arrive at a collective narration, individual experiences that also unite the human and put it in relation to a city, Varese and the border.

A city, where many lives have moved and are moving, transiting, being born, living and dying, leaving however traces of themselves in the objects we store, in the details we remember and, above all, in our present.

creation Officina Orsi
direction Rubidori Manshaft
concept  Rubidori Manshaft, Paola Tripoli
dramaturgy Roberta Dori Puddu, Francesca Garolla
witnesses green screen videos Emisfero Destro / Fabio Cinicola
post production video and audio Emisfero Destro / Fabio Cinicola
video editing Rubidori Manshaft
organization Municipality of Varese
technical equipment EMG Live Solutions snc
production: Officina Orsi
supported: City of Lugano, Ernst Gohner Stiftung
In the framework of the Nature Urban Festival 2018 Municipality of Varese