We are at work.
These are months of great organisational work, reports, interviews, image collection.

Months in which we are meeting people and with them, their emotions, their need to tell their stories. Our findings go hand in hand with the words that our “characters” gave us. We try to support the joy and the burden of their stories so that what you see and hear can also talk about you and to you.
We have set up photographic studios, we met and knew who will record what happened with us and for us. With the joy and the blues within ourselves, every night we bring home beautiful or painful secrets.

After the coolness debut to Lugano with the new chapter of On the Human  feeling  “Handle me with care” on the theme of the lack, we are now meeting Milan, but many we still have to meet.
We will travel from north to south.
From Switzerland to Lombardy, Tuscany, the Marches, to Puglia and Sardinia.
Our human soul vocabulary is being built.